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  Blake Stefani :) on Skype

why do u care sluts!

  vatican city state (holy see) 

  cheryl dungganon on Skype

- hates homewrecker sluts with a passion! - hates being lied too - my daughter is my sun shine, i love her to the moon and back. i would give up anything for her just to make her happy.

F 25 canberra australia 

  Saad Imtiaz on Skype

sluts, whores and jews

M 45 uzbekistan poop australia 

  Geawnajo Bamba on Skype

i wasn't born for you sluts to like me.

F   santa rita guam 

  amanda snyder on Skype

hi im amanda. i love parties. i hate bitches who kill parties. im very sweet, but rub me the wrong way i can be a real bitch. i cant stand sluts. i love my frineds part of my fam. <3333

114 usa 

  Lexie Levin on Skype

"slowly fading into the crowd, but i'm not singing the same song. still an outsider looking in, all alone watching my light slowly dim" -lexie levin "cry over cuts and stitches not sluts and bitches"

F   little rock usa 

  Little Gamer Girl :3 on Skype

i like games :3 i don't have a cam or mic but i want to buy one =p i hate it when people call me a lesbian and i don't like this stupid sluts who just want sex -.-

F 20 germany 

  adam synnott on Skype

nice guy, hate sluts from ghana. if you keep sending me messages, i will start sending messages back. i guarantee they will be more annoying than yours, and a lot nastier. you have been warned.


  VeryNasty Daddy on Skype

looking for sluts, want cam fun

M 25 united kingdom 

  karlie morales on Skype

karlie morales | 15 | sophomore | $luts&thug$ | follow me on twitter @karlieee_ | follow on tumblr at | octopus <3 | k'bye